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Since 2004 we have been passionate and reliable partners for our clients by creating unique hotel and restaurant concepts that can deliver results!


The idea was to be different, as everyone wants to be. But we had the luck to meet the right owners, passionate hoteliers and great teams to allow us to become a significant player in the boutique market for hotels & restaurants. Driving profit by investing in people, by unique concepts, by innovation and love to detail and by every day performance goals.

Consulting services
for hotels and restaurants
SolutionsHI considers itself a specialist hotel & restaurant consultancy meaning that we only offer these services that we have long-time experience in and that deliver true return on investment. Based also on profound market knowledge of the hospitality industry, not merely specialized in big hotel chains and operators, but also in independent & boutique hotels, restaurants and niche operators.

Strategic Consulting


Project Management


Operation Support

Management &
Afiliation Support
The new dynamics of our industry have created the need for more flexible options in the aspects of branding, management, franchising and affiliation.

Each Project deserves the most suitable solution aligned with the desired project positioning in the market and not linked to fixed brand agreements of the operator.

We have as such created two new solutions for our clients.
Starting with the White Label management offer “Pearl Management” we can deliver you a stable, professional and long-term management expertise that purely focuses on your project needs and is able to perform unbranded as well as franchised hotel management contracts.

The second option has kicked-off recently to offer a simple and fair affiliation for quality independent hotels & hoteliers who deliver unique and singular experiences to their guests but share a common vision on quality experiences for our guests, team importance, social responsibility and environmental efforts. The affiliation “Singular Places” celebrates the singularity of each place combined with an assurances for travellers to book authentic experiences and support companies with values.


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