01. What

Since 2004 we have been passionate and reliable partners for our clients by creating unique hotel and restaurant concepts that can deliver results!

The idea was to be different, as everyone wants to be. But we had the luck to meet the right owners, passionate hoteliers and great teams to allow us to become a significant player in the boutique market for hotels & restaurants. Driving profit by investing in people, by unique concepts, by innovation and love to detail and by every day performance goals.

If you are an investor or thinking to become one in the exciting world of hospitality and restaurants we would like to share with you our experience and drive your return.

The project you have or plan to execute is different to any exiting one – don´t buy copy & paste; don´t buy academic papers full of statistics! Get the real solution from people who prove themselves every day and have a team with hands-on experience in daily operation different to theoretic consultants!

Is it not better to trust someone who has invested its own money in hotels and knows how to work hard for the success every day?

Lars von der Wettern  – Managing Director

02. How

Our international team has a rich faculty of experiences both in leading management positions as well as in strategic consultancy work.

We feel at home in the most dynamic markets and benefit from our long-time experiences. We are seeking for long-time partnerships with successful customers.

We are working with private and public companies, as well as financial and tourist institutions of the hotel sector. Our clients are hotel and restaurant owners, hotel groups, independent hotels, investors, real estate promoters and tourism schools.

We work from four offices in Berlin, Madrid, Moscow and Tbilisi and we do not accept just any project, but those where we can add value with our local knowledge and international experience. Contact us and let us help you write YOUR success story as a long-term partner!