Strategic hotel and restaurant consulting

Our strategic consulting service helps your hotel to improve its performance and become long-term successful in a continuously changing environment. It is the foundation for every hotel development or improvement plan. We analyse each factor, including risks and project opportunities with the objective to obtain reliable data deriving into success. Once finished, we offer our clients continuous follow-up of realized project work and constant exchange of experience, which allows us to continue improving your results.

Strategic consulting can start in every project phase but is most beneficial prior to the official start of a hotel project. Therefore, we have identified different project phases where our strategic consulting applies best:

Feasibility and market studies, enhanced by a strong positioning strategy are vital for a successful hotel project.

We analyse the environment and the economic situation, competition, the market segments to be targeted, niche opportunities and all operational factors. This part includes an overview over latest tendencies in the travel industry affecting your specific project.

We deliver conclusions, which bring detailed information about the market situation and practical arguments to be applied in the hotel and restaurant development – real solutions!

On top of those basic studies, mostly required by owners or banks, SolutionsHI assists clients with a strong positioning strategy which shows, how the project can be successful even though the general hotel and restaurant market seems to be saturated.

We analyse the current situation of your product, tendencies and opportunities in niche markets and we look thoroughly at the opportunities and threats based on the fast changing markets of today.

We offer our clients a detailed marketing positioning proposal that analyses the ideal product positioning according to the market situation, provides solid arguments, minimizes investment risks and offers an efficient strategy in accordance to current and future demand patterns – with clear investment solutions in the right product and service offering.

With the current saturation of hotel supply in most of the markets, the most suitable and profitable concept needs a detailed definition to guarantee any investor/owner a reasonable and long-term return on investment. Our consultants investigate to stay ahead of industry trends in order to identify accurate trends from short fashion ideas.

The creation of successful hotel concepts is one of our key areas of business and includes very specific and individualized concepts for all areas of a hotel, namely rooms, public areas, spa, restaurants and bars, as well as the conference and catering or any guest contact area.

We also work with various designers in order to get best solutions for each project according to its future positioning in the most profitable customer segments.

The trend to multi-use buildings is also important in the way how to convert each business area into a win-win situation.

Besides the topic of hotel concepts it has become even more important to create successful restaurant & bar concepts for hotels and single standing restaurants alike.

We provide a detailed study of the local restaurant & bar supply and design the restaurant layout as well as the decoration for a unique ambience that fits into the total project concept, creating profit centres instead of simple outlets – all this down to a full menu offering based on the most profitable positioning and products available.

With our experienced culinary team and our international partners, we are able to provide high end F&B equipment for every style and fit out in restaurant & bar design, accompanied by an innovative menu structure that is unique to the local market. This includes a detailed cost analysis and food cost calculation for every item used on the menu.