Sustainability and future service and operational needs are not trends that we can choose to follow or not.  Every business must develop & change, especially our businesses in the tourism industry are under pressure from the market. More and more travellers tend to travel sustainably and visit meaningful destinations. To transform your business towards sustainability, while remaining profitable, we will align all dimensions concerned and support organizational change. SolutionsHI will be your crucial support. Our consulting team collaborates with your team to foster a culture of sustainability, enhancing brand reputation, attracting eco-conscious travellers, and enhancing sustainability in financial dimension as well.

To transform your business toward sustainability practices, SolutionsHI team of experienced experts will assess your operations through a sustainability lens, examining eco-friendly initiatives, responsible sourcing, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and community engagement. Moreover, we also review your business performance in the areas of branding, sales & marketing, human resource, finance, and other.

Our services cover individual hotel-, gastronomy-, and the experiential concepts. After the review, we offer insightful feedbacks and recommendations to help you integrate sustainable practices, upgraded business ideas and meaningful guest experiences into your business.

For those on their road to become a future proof hospitality business, with all the continuing shifts on the sustainable path, we will create a road map and guidelines as essential tools for you to keep on track. SolutionsHI will help you to create the unique action plan for your business.

In addition, to make your transformation internationally recognized, we implement within various areas established as well as upcoming standards; including the upcoming local legislations and reporting standards. SolutionsHI with its partners will help you and your team understand more about each dimension of sustainability in the hospitality industry well beyond certifications.

SolutionHI recognises the crucial role of technology in driving positive change, enhancing operations, guest experience and profitability, plus minimizing negative environmental impact. Our team, together with relevant digital experts collaborates closely with hospitality businesses to identify opportunities for digital integration that promote sustainability and profitability.

From energy-efficient smart systems to digital guest communication and online booking platforms, we tailor digital solutions to align with your sustainability and business success. We search for options allowing future changes and growth to include new and enhanced products and software in the coming years (i.e. choosing open AI suppliers, negotiating connectivity, etc).

SolutionsHI team will guide your business towards adopting circular practices that minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. By integrating more and more local suppliers into your supply chain, we support regional economies, reduce carbon emissions from transportation, and foster a sense of community engagement.

Supporting local suppliers does not only reduce negative externalities but also benefit from cost of delivering supplies. Our tailored strategies empower you to source local products and services, creating unique experiences for guests while promoting environmental stewardship.

After transforming your business concept and strategy toward sustainability and meaningfulness, your team also needs to be transformed. SolutionsHI is dedicated to empowering your workforce to become champions of sustainability. Our training programs are developed by true experts and continuously updated (i.e. the ESHClub) to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate sustainability practices into every aspect of your business operations.

From waste reduction and energy conservation to responsible sourcing and community engagement, we cover a wide range of sustainability topics. By fostering a culture of sustainability within your organization, your team will be better equipped to deliver meaningful experiences to guests while positively impacting the environment and local communities. The benefits will go well beyond, as team engagement and profitability always grow stronger within our processes!