In addition to the unique concept of each business, the important focus is the heart of the hospitality business: our operational management. SolutionsHI works with academic as well as with experienced operational team members and offers a wide range of full support from operational reviews and improvement plans, opening support, interims management, recruitment processes, revenue optimization or even communication strategies for both internal and external contexts. We have supported change projects for nearly 20years and are certified in change management to make sure the experience on team, profit and guests are positive throughout!

SolutionsHI offers a comprehensive and detailed assessment of every aspect of your hotel’s operations such as administration, sales & marketing, rooms, F&B, human resources, finance, and others. Our expert team of consultants meticulously examines areas such as guest services, front desk efficiency, housekeeping standards, food and beverage offerings, and facility management.

We provide insightful feedback and recommendations to optimize your operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and improve overall efficiency. Including a review of operational shift planning, manning and operational manuals, we will create with you all tools for your improved operational performance!

Both opening and interim periods are crucial stages to stabilize and grow your business. There are many complex details to be considered. Our SolutionsHI team will provide seamless support during critical phases of your hotel’s journey. Whether you’re launching a new property or experiencing transitional periods, our expert consultants step in with a wealth of operational and management experience to ensure a successful start or smooth management during interim periods.

Especially in unstable times for your asset we are ready to plan and execute a turn-around management to enhance profitability and generate better cash-flow. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving excellence during these pivotal moments.

We at SolutionsHI strongly believe that the main share of success is carried by the people delivering the service experience to the guests each day. With all investment in product and technology, the human factor in our industry is probably one of the highest and should be part of any strategic plan. Your people now see sustainable and social well-being as part of their labour relationship and chose employers wisely!

The difference between a simply professional and a real successful team is that a successful team member at work will be motivated, happy and trained. How else can high levels of service be achieved if the standards are not communicated and verified through training, career development and follow up?

SolutionsHI team offers comprehensive solutions to meet your staffing needs and elevate your team’s capabilities. With a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, our expert consultants assist in recruiting top talent tailored to your specific requirements and organizational culture. You can build a competent and cohesive team, fostering a culture of excellence that sets your hotel apart and drives long-term success in the competitive hospitality landscape.

Hotel trainings

The organizational set-up of today, with a more dynamic structure needs to be defined in today’s environment with multiple tasks and responsibilities in all areas. This vision starts with job descriptions and candidate profiles which are specific and detailed to cater for the team member´s individual input.

To achieve the desired standards either in a new hotel, implement new services in an existing one or motivate your existing team to achieve higher standards; at SolutionsHI we have the professional trainers who all have managerial working experience that will support you in your recruitment and training needs.

Conferences & Universities

We believe in the importance of training and development in the hotel and tourism field. For that reason, many of our team members also teach specific lessons/subjects in various countries which help to create a new generation of future professionals. We have been working hospitality schools, for example: Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Touro College Berlin, Les Roches Marbella, IE Madrid, Hochschule Harz, CIO MIJAS, Universidad Europea de Madrid, ESCP Europe Business School and Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia.

During this cooperation we also have offered trainee positions or given case studies for Master Students. Today we are proud to have some of our ex-students working for our company.

Revenue optimization is the most important key to a constant financial success. There are different tools in place that drive revenue and that our team of SolutionsHI is constantly using and adapting in different markets. We identify strategic opportunities to optimize your revenue streams. Through a thorough assessment of your pricing strategies, distribution channels, and demand forecasting, we develop tailored solutions to increase bookings, drive occupancy rates, and enhance average daily rates.

SolutionsHI and our partners support hotels in developing strategies that your team can follow up upon, develop and adapt. We have regional IT tools to support the journey and make sure the strategy can be monitored by you and the team throughout. This strategy goes well beyond rooms income to include all areas (existing and new) within the operation!

After implementing changes in operation and services, often businesses forget to develop the supporting communication within the organization and also outside to guests & partners alike.  We at SolutionsHI understand the significance of effective communication both internally and externally. Our team supports you in crafting compelling communication strategies that strengthen your brand identity, enhance employee engagement, and engage guests experience effectively.

Internally, we work closely with your team to foster clear and open communication channels, promoting collaboration and a sense of belonging.

Externally, we design engaging marketing campaigns and manage your online presence to attract and retain guests, creating a strong and positive brand image, which will also include your local partners.

By aligning your internal and external communication, we ensure a cohesive message that resonates with your target audience and sets your hotel apart in the competitive market.