Transcend 2022


Transformational Leadership & connecting to Regenerative Partners

Lars was running a session @ Transcend22 October 9 – 12, 2022

Lars has grown into hospitality the paternalistic style. Enjoying the industry, but not feeling sure about it´s traditional ways, he started his own journey 18 years ago to drive change himself. No idea did he have how transformation really works. But by now, an enterprise has been transformed and everyone is affected – team, clients, including himself.

In this workshop; get an insight about real struggles and successes in leadership, capital, and also in searching those meaningful bookers and gaining visibility.

Regenerative partners:
Once established our purpose internally – how do we network? how do we select our regenerative partners? Join in, share and let´s help each other by discussing and please bring your own experience. We agree upfront that there is no perfect path. But we will get everyone into our way of doing business, becoming part of something much larger.

Be ready to open about those fears and pains. This session is about hope, support, hugs and laughs, and how to reconnect to mother earth. It´s better to see the shift as a journey, everyone will find their own solution, but we all have common goals.



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