Lisa Boje 1

Lisa Boje

Lisa is a mind-spoken management consultant and team trainer with an eye for the hotel and catering industry for over 15 years, Lisa knows exactly where to look for improvements and we like her to make sure “we don´t do it as we always did!”

With a fine instinct, the trained hotel manager and Master of Communications and Advertising identifies valuable potential and know-how jointly with your team and managers, finds authentic and winning storytelling and as such turns companies into top brands for travellers and employees alike. Her career took her also to non-touristic enterprises like BBDO or Schering (as Global Brand Manager) and we like how that has enriched many of our projects already.

Storytelling, people and branding are her base for strategic advice. A great sample is Lisa´s keynote "Charisma, Coaching, Crisis Communication - What does the new leadership need?" – Lisa simply awakens the spirits of modern team leaders and inspires with her No. 1 hotel business podcast in Germany and Switzerland. “