The construction or refurbishment of a hotel building is one of the most demanding phases in any project. With the many different parties involved and situations turning critical and even emotional due to the pressure of keeping the deadlines-budget-quality balanced, as a third party that intermediates between all stakeholders SolutionsHI can be of crucial help. We operate as such a mediator and assist in pushing deadlines, controlling the quality of the delivered work and support in developing & controlling snagging lists.

During the construction or refurbishment of any hotel, many parties are involved with different tasks to fulfil. It is key to coordinate the different parties in all aspects of the future hotel operation in order to maximise operational efficiency (i.e. reduced manpower due to satellite kitchens) and cost reduction in the future (i.e. energy, waste removal, etc.).

Therefore SolutionsHI offers to monitor the whole process on a regular basis with all parties involved in order to defend the owner’s interest for the most profitable final product.

In various phases of the construction a control process is needed in order to guarantee the desired final quality. In order to avoid quality issues at later stages an early control system should be in place to avoid expensive re-works at a later stage. Clear documentation, minutes, follow-up and owner reports are an important part of this stage to ensure contractual obligations are fulfilled.

The selection of the adequate furniture, fixtures and installations needs ample experience and should be done in line with the targeted final product level and coordinated with the designer. At the final stage also all operating equipment needs to be selected for the full customer experience and desired operating standards.

This process needs experience and should develop for the owner various alternatives in order to guarantee a budgetary and timely consistency. In this phase we offer always various options to guarantee transparency and stay clearly away from commission driven suppliers!

From the beginning it is necessary to adhere to existing product standards from the future operator. As such it will also need to be agreed if any exemption from standards might be approved in order to adapt to local standards or avoid unnecessary costs.

A close coordination with us will allow a smooth hand-over and avoid last minute issues which might result in delays or higher costs.

SolutionsHI works with architectural, technical and Life & Safety managers from many international branded operators as much as with boutique hotel operators and we are aware of potential areas of risk and cost.

Towards the end of the project phase it is necessary to control on the correct final product to get ready for operational take-over. In all areas of the hotel/restaurant and on an ongoing format, the areas that are finalized by the contractor need to be monitored with a detailed snagging list to document the status. Even if time pressure is up for an opening date, this phase is crucial for any future repair or even guarantee matter in order to focus on the investors´ interest.

Together with the whole team an action plan and time-line will be agreed to solve any issues without delays or operational disruption in a timely manner to reach the contracted quality.