The complex issues that involve the successful operation of a hotel or restaurant leading to the desired financial results are for many owners and investors still a high risk or uncertainty. Therefore in many cases they look for a professional team or management company to take over their assets. In SolutionsHI we work with academic as well as with experienced operational team members and can offer a wide range of full support from operational reviews and improvement plans, specific short term project help, opening support or even long-term management.

Even after a successful opening, once the hotel has opened its doors to the public and a few months have passed, processes need to be reviewed and elaborated, new standards have to be created and the quality of service needs to be checked. Additionally the changing environment in our industry makes it necessary to review services against the selected guest segments and update or retrain where needed.

Therefore, SolutionsHI offers operative support in the following areas:

In this crucial stage we will set the base for a successful opening of your hotel. The opening needs to be well prepared in all aspects of team selection, operating standards, trainings and Sales & Marketing activities.

We will put together a Master Plan and Operational Manuals which include every action required in order to open with the desired quality standards and financial targets in place. Only with a well planned opening the hotel/restaurant will be perceived from the first day as a desirable hotel for potential clients. This will guarantee your long-term financial success without the risk of creating an inadequate image or positioning in the market which will be costly to be corrected.

Be it due to a change in ownership, your family´s business change in generation or just the unexpected lack of professional management, we at SolutionsHI will be at your disposal to send you a team of experts to help you cover your very specific management needs for a limited amount of time. Especially in difficult economic times for your asset we are ready to plan and execute a turn-around management to enhance profitability and generate better cash-flow.

With today’s speedy and very open communication including B2C and C2C quality has become a key driver for success in a highly competitive marketplace. Besides the high investment in the product it is crucial to deliver required quality in service in all types of hotels & restaurants to drive long-term revenues in a highly competitive market environment.

In many cases the issues need monitoring and action plans to be tackled. With regular checks the owner can make sure the management is doing a professional job, creating for their guests a truly unique experience based on the type and brand of hotel.

We can deliver the proof to both sides, clearly documented and given by an objective third party. You decide whether we visit your hotel only once and work out a status quo report. Or if we visit your hotel on a monthly or quarterly base to support the positive development.

Of course we also offer specific actions and trainings to tackle any potential weak points.

Driving revenue is the most important key to a constant financial success. There are different tools in place that drive revenue and that our team of SolutionsHI is constantly using and adapting in different markets. The basis for every action should be a detailed sales & marketing plan, accompanied by a pricing and channel strategy.

In addition, a strong and individualized yield and revenue management concept by customer segment will generate additional revenue, including all Food & Beverage operations. As today hotel customers are more and more online, social media, booking platforms and online distribution channels need to be fed with information constantly. Each hotel needs a specific strategy to drive revenue according to the targeted segments and SolutionsHI and our partners support hotels in developing the most beneficial one.



An efficient sales & marketing strategy requires a detailed plan by customer segment and distribution channel, as each one has different priorities at the moment of choosing your hotel and uses various channels to book their business. This should include a clear positioning strategy, a customer analysis, a competition check by segment as well as a detailed action plan.

SolutionsHI will assist to create and fulfil such plan in order to position a hotel on the market and drive revenue. This includes a continuous review and update.



Despite being a standard practice in our industry many hotels still face difficulties in implementing an efficient yield and revenue management system also due to the fast changing environment and technical solutions.

A strategic Strategy per segment and channel will be developed in order to position the hotel in the most profitable way. Whether it is the missing knowledge of such a system or a matter of training of all involved team members in the hotel – SolutionsHI with its partners creates tailor-made yield and revenue management systems that allow hotels to beneficially manage their demand by segment and channel.Separate techniques are also offered by our team to specifically drive revenue in your restaurant or bar.Additionally the electronic distribution is growing daily and your hotel cannot risk lacking a clear strategy by each electronic channel. Nowadays any strategy has to include also social media and take in consideration your exposure to customers in the Internet.

We at SolutionsHI are strong believers that the main share of success is carried by the people delivering the service experience to the guests each day.

With all investment in product and technology, the human factor in our industry is probably one of the highest and should be part of any strategic plan.

The difference between a simply professional and a real successful team is that a successful team member at work will be motivated, happy and trained. How else can high levels of service be achieved if the standards are not communicated and verified through training, career development and follow up?

This means also investment in the right selection and continuous development of the people in your hotel, restaurant or leisure complex.

Our trainers are unique characters with ample training & conference experience even outside our industry. Creating happy and professional teams is our aim.



At SolutionsHI we believe in the importance of training and development in the hotel and tourism field. For that reason many of our team members also teach specific lessons/subjects in various countries which help to create a new generation of future professionals. In the recent history we have been working for example with: Touro College Berlin, Les Roches Marbella, IE Madrid, Hochschule Harz, CIO MIJAS, Universidad Europea de Madrid, ESCP Europe Business School and Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia.

During this cooperation we also have offered trainee positions or given case studies for Master Students. Today we are proud to have some of our ex-students working for our company.



The organisational set-up of today, with a more dynamic structure needs to be defined in today’s environment with multiple tasks and responsibilities in all areas. This vision starts with job descriptions and candidate profiles which are specific and detailed to cater for the team member´s individual input.

To achieve the desired standards either in a new hotel, implement new services in an existing one or motivate your existing team to achieve higher standards; at SolutionsHI we have the professional trainers who all have managerial working experience that will support you in your recruitment and training needs.