Mostly smaller sized properties or those that by construction standards cannot fulfil brand standards have a significant profit potential if managed correctly in today´s hospitality markets.
A growing demand of modern consumers towards non-standard travel and leisure products have grown the niche of boutique/design hotels into an important segment.
At SolutionsHI we do deliver profit in small units in various markets and have proven a reliable partner to various owners even in difficult economic circles by delivering strong cash-flows since 2010.
Synergies and centralized services allow us to cater for YOUR independent hotel the added benefit of a happy and constructive collaboration.

Today´s interconnected world will allow you at a low fixed cost to join a network of unique hotels and hoteliers.
We live uniqueness and stay away from uniformity.
If you are a passionate host, if you have fair working contracts with your team, if you have happy guests and if you are active part of your local community we would wish to hear from you to join our “Singular Places” network!

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Our strategic consulting service helps your hotel to improve its performance and be long-term successful in a continuously changing environment.